1.   Mythic Saga will not load or only partially loads.


        A: Please refresh your browser or clear your browser’s cache.


2.      Added Gold on the wrong Mythic Saga Server?


        A: You can get your Gold on any Mythic Saga server regardless of which server you made the purchase on. For more help contact customer service.


3.      Why did my Relic and Mount Rank disappear?

        A: The Rank and the Blessedness of your Mount, Wings and Relic will be reset at 3 am every day. Please remember    to complete your upgrades before this time.


4.      Why cannot I obtain the Wings?


        A: You can only get your Wings after you reach level 41.


5.      Can you explain time limited events?


        A: Some quests are timed events. Please check your quest timer often. If the quest is completed after the time limit, you will not be able to turn in your quest.



6.      Why did the main quests disappear?


        A: If you cannot find any main line quests on your quest bar, you may not have reached a high enough level to accept the quest. Try completing Ancient Inscription or Loop Quests to promote your level. If you fight alongside your allies, you will also obtain ally experience. This is a good way to level-up.



7.      What if I cannot complete a Trial?


        A: If you find some trials cannot be achieved, try logging in to Mythic Saga again or clearing your cache. You may also try discarding the quest and reaccepting it.



8.      What if I cannot log in to Mythic Saga using Facebook?


        A: If you cannot log in to Mythic Saga using Facebook, please bind your Facebook account to your own Cooltoplay account. You can get your Cooltoplay account at www.cooltoplay.com.


9.      Why does the system warn that it detected your hack?


        A: When your connection speed is not stable, this warning pops up. It means that your browser may be accelerated.

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