Password Recovery


There are many Trojan viruses and hackers on the webSo please be careful with your Mythic Saga account information. Your hard work in training your character can be gone in an instant if your account information gets shared.


If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it via email. If you cannot recover your password via email, please contact our customer service team immediately.

How to recover your account:

1. Visit www.cooltoplay.comclick on "log in" and the window below will appear if your e-mail or password is not correct.


Click on "Forgot Password?" and the window below will appear:



2. Enter your email and click "Submit".


3. Then you will see the screen below, click log in to check your email, open the email sent to you to recover your account:



4. Click the link in the email we sent to you:


5. Click "Reset Password" and enter your new password. Now, you can log into your account again.

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