Other Features


Realistic Effects

In Mythic Saga you can experience the elements and a whole host of special effects. Watch leaves fall in autumn, the storms rage in winter and show your special someone how much you care with a rain of Red Roses.

Unique Special Attacks
Every character class has a unique set of attack skills, use stealth as an assassin to fade into the shadows or turn your enemies into mushrooms with your priest’s polymorph ability. How will you use your newfound powers?

Special Mounts
In Mythic Saga,you can choose from a set of unique and powerful mounts. You can use a cool startup Mount like the Float Stone, or even ride on the back of the Legendary Gold Dragon. If you are looking for something different then you can even ride on a panda or the ancient Firestorm Wheel!

Crazy Costumes

Show the world your personality with Mythic Saga’s custom fashions!

Prepare for your wedding with a cool Chinese Wedding Dress or dress like a wolf while questing with your friends. You can even travel the world of Mythic Saga disguised as a panda!

Make Friends!
There are lots of ways to make friends in Mythic Saga. You can join a Guild, join a faction, find a mentor, and accept an apprentice all while building your friends list!


You will have plenty of opportunities to connect with your friends, enemies and allies as you adventure in Mythic Saga.

Story Driven Quests
Gone are the days of boring quests! In Mythic Saga you unravel the mysteries of the Spirit Cataclysm and save the world from destruction one quest at a time.

Relic Modes

In Mythic Saga you decide how your Relic acts in battle. With 4 Relic modes you will never find yourself without options when it comes to defeating your enemies.


Agro Attack: Your Relic will automatically attack all monsters and enemy players on the screen.


Support Attack: Your Relic will only attack the targets you attack first.


Tank Mode: Your Relic does not attack and absorbs part of the damage you would normally take.


Recovery Mode: Your Relic does not attack and helps you recover your Health.

Mythic Saga 

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