Click the [Craft] Icon on the bottom right of your screen to open the "Craft List".


Select the gear you want to craft according to your character type, or click “Suggest” to see a list of recommended Gear for your character class and level.



Before you craft your new Gear, first check to make sure you have enough crafting materials in your bag. You can also click "Auto Purchase" to get your crafting materials automatically.




After checking your materials, choose the type of gear that you want to craft:


To craft Unbound Gear select “Use Unbound.”  When you choose the “Use Bound” or “Use Any” crafting options your Gear will be bound and you will not be able to trade it to your friends or sell it at auction. Once your Gear meets all the requirements, click "Craft" to make your new Gear.


Mythic Saga 

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