You access your Guild’s information by clicking on the "Community" icon or pressing "J" on your keyboard.



You can check the following Guild information when you select the Guild Tab on the “Social Relations” window.


Guild Information: Guild Name, Guild Level, Guild Members (online members), Guild Fund, Maintenance Fee, Activity Rating, Low Activity.



Guild Announcement: If you are the Leader of your Guild or the Grand Counsel you can post messages for your Guild here.


Guild Events: Everything that happens in your guild will be posted here. When your Guild mates reach a new Guild Rank or new members join your Guild, you can read about it from the Guild Events box.



Members Info: Here you can see Member names, levels, classes, Guild Ranks, Guild Contribution Points, and Guild Activity logs for all of your Guild Members.




Guild Basics

Joining or Creating Your New Guild:


1. You can join a Guild at any level.

2. Once you reach Level 20 you can create your own guild.

3. You need 50 Gold to create your own Guild.

4. Your Guild name consists of 12 characters (once you choose your Guild Name you cannot change it)

5. Only the Guild Leader or Grand Counsel of your Guild can invite new members to join.

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