Are you around level 18? 37? Or 43? If so click here!


Are you around level 18?


At level 20 you can begin Upgrading your gear, this will make you stronger so you and defeat all of your opponents. There are various ways to upgrade each piece of gear and the stronger that piece the stronger you will be. 


Also at level 20 you can begin Arms Supply Quests, through these quests you can earn Credits, Experience, and Merits! Find out more here.


At level 25 you can get Quest Packs, they are a great way to earn Gold and materials you need to upgrade.  Find more about thathere.


When you reach level 22 you can begin to issue Bounty Quests. Find more information on it here.


Around Level 37?  You must be doing quite well for yourself. Do you know what comes next?


You are almost to level 40 and that is where you will be able to wear gear you have consecrated. Gear can be consecrated at level 40 but you cannot wear that gear until you are actually level 40. So it’s time to bust it out and kill some monsters! More on Consecration.


Around Level 43? Now have separated yourself from the others and become a pro, but can you be the best of the best? Your journey starts now.


Some of the greatest skills will open during this period such as the totem skill with the Priest, where you can hurt enemies and heal allies at the same time.  Each class has different skills and they and you will need to level up to see them!


After level 50 the Demon Tower will open up where you will fight against a rush of demons that will destroy everything in their wake. Will you be able to hold them off and take the prizes home?


The world bosses that wreak havoc throughout the map will soon be challenged by you. Upon their death you will reap a plethora of benefits.


Remember if you need more help you can find it on our forums. Keep on playing and you will find a whole new world to explore in just a few more levels!