Facebook Packs


When you reach level 5 you can accept this quest “Just a click”.



When you complete this Facebook Quest you get your FREE Platinum Pack with Bonuses worth more than 15 $USD.



Step 1: Find the Wizened Taoist in Skyland to accept your quest.

Maps: Skyland

Location :38,90


Step 2: Click this Facebook Like button.


Step 3: Click the ‘Like’ button first and then click this ‘Post to Facebook’ button.


Step 4: Follow the main quest line or just click the green ‘Westly’ to teleport directly to Westly. (This will only work if your level is high enough to leave Skyland)


Step 5: Speak with Westly and click the ‘Complete’ button shown on the quest window.


Step 6: Check for your Prize announcement on your screen.


Step 7: Here are your Platinum Pack Prizes!



       1.You must like Mythic Saga using the Like button in Mythic Saga.

       2.You must accept this Facebook Quest before liking Mythic Saga.

       3.If you have already liked Mythic Saga and do not get your Platinum Pack:

                          · Press “Q” to open your Quest Menu

                          · Select this Facebook Quest and click Discard

                          · Using the Facebook button unlike Mythic Saga

                          · Return to Skyland and reaccept your quest

                          · Follow the Steps 1 – 6 at the beginning of this Guide


Good Luck Heroes!


Mythic Saga Team