Alchemy Furnace


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Thirteen: Alchemy Furnace

According to the Sol dogma, The Alchemy Furnace was used by the Sun God Pangus to create all kinds of magic potions. And why it is here in Mythica now? Another gift from the Gods? Oh, no, if you call it a gift, it should be an utter irony. The saints always find it a shame to mention the Furnace and remind us that it is brought to this world because of human sins. Long time ago, about a few decades after the first generation of Mythicans were created by the king of the Gods, a young man named Nicolas stole it from heaven in order to produce magic meds to save the ones in need. He thought the Gods hadn’t noticed his behavior, but in fact, anything in this world cannot escape the Gods’ control. When Nicolas stretched out his first finger to the Furnace, Pangus sank in deep meditation, reflecting on why he had even created such a world with so many errors.


At this time, he cast a glance at the beautiful Fire Goddess Zoya standing right beside him. And then they two smiled and nodded simultaneously and knowingly. Nicolas didn’t only bring the God relic from heaven but also an apocalypse to the earth. The eternal blaze burning in the Furnace spread soon after Nicolas had returned to Mythica. Indeed, the fire is the real gift from the gods to cleanse the sins of Mythicans. Zoya whispered to Pangus, ‘now our masterpiece will be perfect, nothing to worry about.’

And now, it is how we got the legendary Alchemy Furnace and indeed it is as powerful as it is in the tale.


When you reach lv 45, Alchemy Furnace will be available. You can change many low-level materials to rare items.


How to use?

1.      Collect the Recipes for Alchemy Furnace first and then collect the materials according to the recipes. You need to put the recipe and the materials together into the Furnace at last.

2.      You can recycle the Recipes which you don’t need and gain a certain amount of Alchemy Furnace points. And then, consume the points to get new Recipes.

3.      Recipes can be obtained as rewards of the last quest of the Quest Pack, the Faction Exploration and Faction Hunt.


Recipe Materials

Each type of recipe requires different materials. You can check where to get them at the Alchemy Furnace UI. Some rare recipes require Seal of the World which can only be got through shop.