Purging Blaze


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Fourteen: Purging Blaze


In the Sol dogma, Blaze is a gift as well as retribution from the Fire Goddess Zoya to cleanse all the sins of Mythicans. Centuries ago, Nicolas, a mortal stole the Alchemy Furnace from heaven and disrespected the Gods though he did it out of good intention to save the sick over the world. The Gods decided that it was humanity rather than human body that needed mending, so they spread the fire from the Furnace to the world which was in need of purging. At that time, no one escaped the apocalypse. However, the magic fire burned Mythicans’ mind instead of their body. From that day on, anyone who had received the fire baptism began to reflect on the errors or crimes they had done in their life.


The more they thought about it, the stronger the fire was in their mind. Consequently, the true meaning of this calamity began to sink in and in fact the Gods didn’t intend to punish the world but instead they gave them a chance to redeem themselves. The Blaze is a kind of spiritual power to make people reborn and stronger.


When you reach level 45 and follow the mainline quests, you will receive a quest from Tai-Chi Priest to awaken the Blaze in your mind. Click the blaze icon at the right lower corner to start the training.



If you want to train the blaze in your mind, you need to swallow kindling first. And then, your Health, Attack, Armour and Warding will increase greatly. Each tier of Blaze needs different type and number of kindling.


Kindling Info

There nine types of kindling: Devil Kindling, Otherly Kindling, Meteor Kindling, Nine Heavens Kindling, Mythic Kindling, Faceless Kindling, Nether Kindling, Golden Kindling and Cleansing Kindling.



When you have swallowed all the kindling you need for the current tier, you can upgrade the tier through Wildfire. The Blaze of lower tier costs you only Wildfire Orbs while the higher tier costs you Wildfire Orbs and Blaze Scrolls. If you fail to upgrade it you will gain blessedness. The more blessedness you get, the greater the chance will be. The blessedness resets everyday at 3:00 a.m.

When your blaze reaches Mythic Fire, ‘Enflame’ will be available. It grants you a chance to burn continuously and deal great damage to your enemies. Without any attack, you can burn them to ashes!


The blaze of higher tier will give you more bonuses but cost you more kindling for swallowing. And its appearance will be much cooler than the one of lower tier.



When your blaze reaches Fire over Nine Heavens, ‘Flare’ will be unlocked. Congrats, you can improve the blaze’s quality now.

Blaze quality can be divided into Common, Fine, Superior, Supreme, Epic, Legendary, Mythical and Godlike. The higher the quality is, the more bonuses you will get.


You need to burn Flare Orbs at the flare socket board to upgrade its quality. There are seven sockets on the board. Each time you burn a Flare Orb, you get a chance to light up a socket. Only when all the sockets are lit up, can you upgrade its quality successfully.



When your blaze reaches Nether Blaze, ‘Heighten’ will be unlocked. For every 5 lights illuminated, your Heightening value will increase by 1. That value increases the enflaming damage. Illuminating one light costs you 2,000 energy and 100 gold coins.


+1 point of Heightening value will increases the damage of Nether Blaze by 1 point, Golden Fire by 2 points, and Cleansing by 3 points. Further, the higher your current level of Blaze, the higher the damage will be, too. The max value is 200.


Higher Tier Blaze

When your blaze reaches Nether Blaze, you can use Kindling Origin to increase enflaming damage. It can be used once for Nether Blaze, twice for Golden Blaze and three times for Cleansing Blaze. Each Kindling Origin increases enflaming damage by 200.


The higher the blaze tier is, the stronger its power will be and the deeper its color will be.