Godlike Gear


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter One: Godlike Gear


As a Mythican hero facing all kinds of ferocious monsters and aggressive opponents, you need a set of firm armor and a powerful destructive weapon.


How to identify the gear quality?

It all depends on the gear rating. There are eight tiers of quality: Common(White), Fine(Green), Superior(Blue), Supreme(Purple), Epic(Cyan), Legendary(Orange), Mythical(Red) and Godlike(Yellow).


As you know gear quality is determined by its rating, the quality will be promoted when the rating reaches a certain degree. However, the rating can be elevated through Temper, Imbue, Embed, Upgrade, Inscribe, Consecrate, Imprint and Shift.  The higher your gear quality and rating are, the rarer your gear is.



Open the Craft UI and select the gear which is fit for your class and current level. The gear you can craft is only the Supreme and Epic one between level 20 and 60. Every 5 levels you can craft one.



“Temper” increases your gear’s Basic Attributes with the Pearl Essence.  And the Temper Max limit is determined by the gear level. The following pictures show the sharp contrast between an untempered gear and a tempered one to +12, which exhibits huge bonus affixed to the Basic Attributes.




“Imbue” elevates your gear’s Bonus Attributes and Inscribe Bonus. The max limit of “Imbue” depends on the gear level. Assess will raise the “Imbue” max limit.



You can “Embed” a Gem to any gear with sockets. And you also can socket a gear to enable yourselves to do it with an Ice Crystal. Embedded gear gives you the gem bonus. The max level of the gems can be embedded into your gear is level 8. You can upgrade the low level gems into the ones with higher level at the “Upgrade” UI. Moreover, you can use rare items such as Cloud Gems to improve the sockets on your gear. For example, the socket which is refined by a Cloud Gem will increase the power of the gems lv 8 by 20%.



“Inscribe” binds your gear above level 50 and gives it up to 3 Inscription bonuses with Inscription Stones. The Inscription bonuses are random, so if you are not satisfied with them, you can perform re-inscription.



If you want to inscribe or imbue your gear of level 20, you must “Upgrade” it first, because you can only inscribe gear above level 50, imbue gear above level 30 or consecrate gear above level 40. “Upgrade” also increases both the gear’s Basic Attributes and Bonus Attributes. The Basic Attributes of the gear you craft equals to those of the one you upgrade to the same level with it. If you use a Magic Stone when upgrading your gear, you will get 100% success chance.



“Disenchant” extracts bound materials to be used for Consecration. The higher the gear quality and level, the higher chance to extract high level Crystals.



“Consecrate” gives you only one Consecration Bonus for each piece of gear. If you are not satisfied with the current bonus, you can re-consecrate your gear and get a new bonus to cover it. The Crystals for Consecration can be obtained through disenchantment.



Gear lv 50 or above can be imprinted with an Imprint Stone, which increases the basic attributes of the gear. You can increase your basic attributes up to 200% and obtain a title “Divine” for your gear by imprinting. The following pictures show the sharp contrast between an unimprinted gear and a imprinted one with 200% basic attributes.



Gear lv 50 with inscriptions can be shifted with a Shift Amulet, which upgrades your non-tier 4 Inscription Bonus up to Tier 4. It won’t change your Inscription Bonus type but only its quality. Inscription Bonus Tier 4 cannot be upgraded by shifting.



In the ancient Mythican tales, all kinds of weaponry and armor have their own souls which are forged by the Fire Goddess Zoya with the star dust of the Big Dipper in the northern sky. But now few know how to unleash the true power of their gear souls.


It is said only the ones who have gear above lv 50 can perceive this secret. According to the tales, a ritual called “Gear Crowning” must be performed. And these are the details about that ritual.


The First Step: Input Your Energy

You can find the seven-star symbol on your gear if it is above lv 50. Input your energy into it and when the energy bar is full, the first star Alkaid will be lit. It will shine for 24 hours, during which you need to keep on inputting your energy to illuminate the next star. If it fails, the lit star will be dark again and what you have done will be a waste of effort. Each time you light up one star, you will gain 24 hours for your ritual. So, you have to light up all the seven stars in a row.



The Second Step: Light Chain

When the star is lit, you need to link it to the next star with an item called “Northern Star.”Only when the link is done, can you light the next star.



When all the seven stars are lit and the star chain is formed, you can say the crowning ritual is finished to some extent. Your gear attributes will be doubled and an extra gem socket will be added to your gear. Now, you can keep on performing the ritual if you like and the seven stars can be refined with the “Crown Jewel.”After it is finished, your gear basic attributes will increase by 150%.


This is how a piece of Godlike gear is created.  It is absolutely true that others will admire you when you wear a set of armor displaying an aura of dignity and glory. Now, pick up your Godlike gear set and tear your enemies apart!