Holy Genies


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Twelve: Holy Genies


Long ago when the Sun god Pangus brought the first rays of light to Mythica, the genies crossed over from the holy realm and hid themselves deep in the caverns and forests of our world. No one knows why they slumber, but reports across the land confirm that these creatures are dangerous. Catch one at your own risk!



Note: Generally, Genies are invisible to players below level 50. So you will only be able to see your Genie Menu once you achieve level 50!  (Go for it Hero!)


Genie Menu


Click your Genie icon to access the magic genie menu!

The upper-left area is where you can check your Genie’s Holiness.


Use the bar at the bottom of the window to search for New Genies.


The right area is divided into your Genie Warehouse and Bar.


Genie Holiness Area: Just pick up a Genie to equip in one of the slots and gain their magical power. Genie effects will be removed when you unequip them. Moreover, each socket can be granted one Holiness attribute that you select to increase the Genie’s power by pressing the plus icon, but you still need an Upgrade Scroll to do it. Only when the Holiness you choose matches the attribute of the Genie you intend to put in that slot, will it work.


Genie Warehouse: Use this area to keep your genies safe (protects genies from accidental melding).


Genie Bar: Your captured Genies appear here. This is also where you can meld your Genies to create powerful allies. Your Genies will gain exp and level up (up to level 10) by devouring other jinn.


“Auto-Meld” will feed all of your Genies to the most powerful one. So please think twice before using this feature. “Auto-Search” will search for Genies again and again till you run out of your materials or your Genie Bar is full. So it is better not to use this feature if you have checked the “Auto-Buy” option. “Auto-Sell” will trade all of your Genie Chaos and give you Spirit Stones in return.



How to Get Your Genies

The Genie Search Area consists of 5 Fairyland scenes including the East Sea, Blessed Cave, Misty Peak, Land of Lai and the Mythic Garden (Genies Natural Habitat). Generally speaking, the common Genies live in the first two scenes while the most powerful Jinn dwell in the last three. In every scene there is a chance that you will find Genie Chaos instead of Genies.


Spirit Stones are sensitive to Genies existence, so they are required for your Genie Search. Usually, your first search should be from East Sea and after that try, you have a chance to find a way into the next scene. If you successfully find the Blessed Cave, you will have a chance to find a portal to either the next scene Misty Peak or East Sea where you started your search journey. In the last three scenes, formidable Genies can be found by chance, but require more Spirit Stones to discover than normal jinn.


Explorer’s Note: Rare Spirit Jade, which is extracted from dozens of Spirit Stones can allow you to find the portal to the Land of Lai directly!


Genie Species

There are ten species of Genies and each of them has their own specialties. They are Simian (Speed), Ghost (Health), Tiger (Melee Attack), Undead (Magic Attack), Wolven (Melee and Magic Crit), Evil (Resilience and Antimagic), Bear (Armour), Fox (Warding), Grass (Melee and Magic Sunder) and Water (Block and Dispel).





Genie Quality

Genie quality can be divided into 5 tiers, common (white), fine (green), superior (blue), supreme (purple) and epic (golden).


Genie Level

You can meld your jinn to create more powerful Genies. Each Genie you meld will give your main genie more EXP! With enough EXP, your Genie will level up and gain 50% more power.




All this data confirms that the Genie system is a very useful and powerful function in ROK. So what are you waiting for? Find your Genie and super-charge your hero with your own combat specialty!