Primal Spirit


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Fifteen: Primal Spirit


Mythicans believe that an individual can be divided into two parts: the earthly part (body) and the heavenly part (soul). The original form of the soul is called Primal Spirit which is the divine power Pangus, the King of Gods, filled into the Mythican flesh vessel when he created human being. As time went by, the true power of their primal spirit ebbed away with Mythicans’ evolution. The Sol and Luna Saints have been working on a way to retrieve the long-lost power of the primal spirit for centuries. Recently, they worked out a theory about training your primal spirits.


Primal Spirit Info

When you reach level 55, you will receive a quest to awaken the dormant power of your primal spirit. There are 12 layers for primal spirit training. Each layer can be divided into 9 star ranks.



Basic Training: Primal Spirit can be trained every day, but the training time varies according to the training layer. At layer 1, you can train it up to 2 hours per day; each layer higher, you will have one more hour for training per day. At layer 12, you can do your training up to 13 hours.


Focus: Focus your mind on training, and you will upgrade the star rank for your primal spirit training. Focus costs you your energy and when you upgrade successfully, you will gain a star; otherwise, you will lose a star.


Rise: When you get 9 stars, you can rise to the next layer of the training. Rise costs you the Primal Spirit Orbs.


Refine: The Primal Spirit is made up of thunder, water, wind and fire, so you can refine your primal spirit by collecting the 4 nature forces’ essences. But there are strict limitations for refining it. At the first layer, you may choose one force of nature to refine and thereafter at every other layer, you may choose one more force.