Living Relic


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Two: Living Relic


Sol and Luna Saints always preach that we Mythicans were created by Sun God, the King of Ancient Gods. The main constituent of our physical body is Sun and this God arranged a living satellite-like protector for each of the creatures he created. However we’re not born with them; we have to travel around mountains and rivers and experience all kinds of trials set by the gods to find it under the guide of fate.  So we call it Relic. Returning to its master, Relic will mature with us and become like an extension of our body.


Relic has life within it and is absolutely loyal to its master for the gratitude of retrieving it. It will be very happy if its master gives it a decent name. And the Relic could be a super assistant good at attack as well as defense; besides, it will add its power to its master and absorb a part of damages for its master.


It is said that Solomon, the great Sol Saint, is willing to guide people to find their destiny partner. So if you are lucky enough to meet him at level 32, you will find it in the form of Manado Pot. But your partner’s power is not confined in this form of course which means you can upgrade, enchant, mold and carve it to release its true power of a Holy Pegasus.



Relic has seven forms in its evolution: Manado Pot, Jadefire Spike, Rubyfire Dagger, Eternal Brazier, Sapphire Hawk, Soaring Phoenix and Holy Pegasus. Upgrade your Relic and it will acquire better quality together with cooler appearance. In the mainline story, you will find your Manado Pot. Afterwards, you can upgrade and enchant it to release its power.


If you succeed in upgrading your Relic, it will add extraordinary attack and defense bonus for its master as well as itself. If you unleash its ultimate power, it will truly become a part of you and offer extreme bonus for you.


Enchanted relic will increase its own and its master’s power to attack and defend greatly. You can upgrade it up to lv 72 and at lv 30, it will acquire a special aura.



You can carve your relic to gain skills for it, but before that you need to mold it first with a Six-Face Spell. The available pattern socket number varies according to the relic quality. The pattern socket will gain a random attribute when your relic is molded. If you are not satisfied with the current attribute, you can mold it again.



Each pattern socket can be carved with a type of Relic Pattern. Relic Pattern quality can be divided into 5 types: Common, Fine, Superior, Excellent and Perfect. And, the pattern with low quality can be upgraded into the one with higher quality through Soul Assembling Furnace. You can carve the same type of pattern into the same socket up to 4 times. The higher your relic quality is, the higher bonus you will get, even though the relic pattern is the same. You can retrieve the used pattern through “Retrieve.”



Relic sending phase can be divided into Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Extraordinary and Artifact. Artifact lv 8 is the highest. Successful sending will increase the relic power to attack and absorb damage. At highest level, it will increase by 3009%.

Holy Pegasus

For thousands of years, the secrets of the Ultimate Relic have been kept within the darkest ruins of Mythica. And recently, the Royal Kirins invented a new technology called “Mathemancy” which will unlock the Relic power barrier and allow you to release your Ultimate Relic.


As we know, relics are bestowed upon Mythicans by the sun god Pangus. So if we want to unleash their ultimate power, we must gain the favor of the gods. Mathemancy will charge your Phoenix with BLUE ENERGY and send it through 5 evolutionary stages. When your Phoenix survives the 5 evolutionary stages, it will be 3 times as powerful and morph into your own Holy Pegasus.


Brian, the leader of these Royal Kirins, made these notes on the new Relic System.


1. You need to Shuffle the Mathemancy Board until you light up 4 Stars.

2. When all 4 stars are fully lit, you need to Ruffle the Board once more to activate the BLUE ENERGY inside.

3. Your Soaring Phoenix will now reach the next phase and gain additional attack power.


Here are the Stages of BLUE ENERGY Absorption:

  • ·        Nesting
  • ·        Salt Sea
  • ·        Transform
  • ·        Summon
  • ·        Enlighten


After surviving all 5 stages your phoenix will soar into the sky and shed its feathers for the final transformation! You will command the Holy Pegasus.


Are you ready to keep your Relic in power?Unleash your Holy Pegasus and eliminate all the evils in Mythica!