Character Skills


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Ten: Character Skills

It is not a secret that there are 4 classes of Mythic Heroes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage and Priest. Each class has its own skill trees.


Skills Intro

The higher your character’s level is, the more skills you can learn. Each skill has its own specialty in terms of attack range, attack scope, cooldown time and negative effects on enemies.


Skill damage increases with the upgrade of skill tier and level. You need consume coins and exp to upgrade your skill levels while you need consume Skill Books to upgrade your skill tier.


Upgrading your skill tier does not only increase your skill damage dramatically, but also reduce the skill cooldown time and prolong the effect time.


Skill Book

Medium-level Skill Books can be upgraded into with 10 Skill Chapters, each of which is made up of 4 Skill Pages, which can be obtained through Tree of Fortune.


Skill Books can also be found in the rewards of Grandmaster Magnus’s alchemy or in the Skill Book Pack (May contain High-level Skill Books).


How to use skills?

Set the auto skills at the auto-combat settings. And then, the preset skills will be released during combat or auto-combat.