Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Seven: Skyblades

Skyblades is a kind of magic that was created by a group of obsessed Saints of Luna. Without physical shape, the blades’ edge is still as sharp as the best weapon of Mythica. It is said that several Luna Saints slew a mighty Turtle Dragon summoning the laser-like Skyblades to pierce and break its firm shell. And this kind of magic is forbidden for Mythicans now for its destructive power.


Learn Skyblades and Unleash its Power

When you reach level 40, for the sake of eliminating evils, Cataclysm Arch-Priest will enlighten you about this forbidden magic. You will feel its destructive power when you summon it the first time.


Experience the Heavenly Wrath

1.      Having learnt the Skyblades, you can release its power by clicking the icon at the bottom of your screen or pressing the hotkey of S. Skyblades is so powerful that it is deadly for the mob killing as well as PK.

2.      You can summon it only when you have enough Force, which can be restored by one point after killing each monster who is not inferior to you by 5 levels.

3.      Skyblades’ attack cannot be avoided.

4.      The cooldown time is 10 minutes.



Super-Charge Your Skyblades and Infuse its Power

1.      Your Skyblades has many attributes and the higher your Skyblades level is, the greater its attributes and damages are.

2.      You can infuse your Skyblades by consuming Magic Orbs or energy.

3.      SkyBlades has its own Range, Damage and PVP values, each corresponding to different attributes. Infusion improves the power of the SkyBladesWhen Infusion is maxed, you can upgrade its Tier to increase its max limit.