Tree of Fortune


Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Eleven: Tree of Fortune


Among all the strange and magical living things over Mythica, the Tree of Fortune is a real wonder. It is recorded in an ancient tome that it is the first tree the Sun God Pangus planted on this land, inputting his divine power into the tree trunk and wrapping the sun rays around the tree branches. We all know that the Tree of Fortune never bears edible fruit but coins, gold, merits, even skill pages. So, most Mythicans take this tree as their reward from the Gods for their hard work to improve the world. But it is very hard to find that tree in fact, because unlike most trees, this one can move anywhere as it wishes.


When you reach level 40, you will have the ability to sense the tree. A new icon “Tree of Fortune” can be found on the top of your screen.


How to use the Tree of Fortune?

You can use 50 gold coins to shake the tree to get a certain reward up to 10 times per day. And, you can also use gold to do it without time limit.


The Tree of Fortune will drop 300 Gold, 300 Credits, 1,000 Gold Coins, 200 Gold Coins, Tribute lv 10 and Skill Pages 1-4. And, there is also a chance for you to harvest all the Gold Coins from the coin pool under the tree.


Skill Pages are used to upgrade into Skill Chapters which can be upgraded into Skill Books.


What’s more, the Tree will give you extra rare items in turn if you shake it 10 times.