Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Six: Potential Wings


According to the creed of Sol and Luna religion, people are created by the King of Ancient Gods, the Sun God. He used the Five Elements of nature as ingredients to form all creatures on Mythica. So every living thing on this continent has the potential of flying since wind is a main ingredient in their physical body, though most of them don’t have the chance to trigger this potential.

However, under the guide of Plato, a great Sol Saint, you will extract this underlying power and grow a pair of gorgeous and amazing wings. Many of Mythicans dream to fly in the sky like the graceful Celestial Crane, so their dream will come true if they are the chosen ones.


Introduction of Wings

With Wings, you can get the most wonderful appearance, and besides, you can get great bonus attributes to exhibit your full potentials!


After reaching lvl 41, you can get a quest called “Get Wings” from Plato. You just need one unbound Feather Orb to complete it. And then you will grow a pair of Primal Wings.




Wings Function

1.      Deflect attack. There is chance to reflect the incoming attack to the attacker himself.

2.      Attribute bonus. Increase a certain amount of Health, Magic, Melee Atk, Magic Atk, Armour and Warding to the wings owner.

3.      Change your appearance. You will see a pair of colorful and gorgeous wings swinging slightly at your back.


Wings Upgrade

When you open the Wings UI, you will find the button of Wings Upgrade. Click it, and you can upgrade your wings here with Feather Orbs. The higher your wings rank is, the more bonuses you will get.


You can kill monsters and gain exp for your wings to level up. You will gain extra 1 point of attributes when your wings level rises every 2 levels from lv 3. You are free to distribute these bonus attributes to your initial attributes.


Wings Anecdote

According to the Creed of Sol and Luna, Mythicans created by the ancient god king, the sun god. Taking up the five raw elements, with his own hands he pressed life into the creatures of Mythica.



From Clay and Earth the Soul was Birthed

Flesh and Blood kissed by Sun

Mythic and Dark the Power

Deep Within all Hearts

Journey to the Sun

Fly Mythican!



Living in the skies the sun god needed a way for the creatures to reach him in times of need so he placed within each creature the power of flight!


Now Research at the Royal Mythican Society has uncovered the secret of Flying. You can unleash the hidden power given to you by the sun god and grow wings!


Mythic Researches claim there are
seven types of wings:

·        "Primal Wings"

·        "Netherworld Wings"

·        "Frostglow Wings”

·        "Guardian Wings"

·        "Stormshadow Wings"

·        "Domination Wings"

·        "Royal Spirit Wings"



While this information is still classified by the society, it seems that test subjects who unlocked their wings gained incredible power. Some of the wing heroes were so powerful that the test machines exploded while scientists tried to gauge their strength!




According to an ancient tome discovered deep in underground ruins. The ultimate Wing Stage should probably be the Royal Spirit Wings.


The tome states that the ancient Mythicans who had obtained the secret of the Domination Wings evolution were all astonished when they discovered the Royal Spirit Wings entombed in a wall of primal ice blocks. 


They knew the only way to get their Royal Spirit Wings was to shatter those thick Blocks of ice with sheer force. To their surprise, they found that if an Ice Block was cracked (not shattered completely), their current wings gained a random attribute bonus. And the more they damaged the same Ice Block, the better an attribute bonus they would get. However, no one had broken all the Ice Blocks and reclaimed the mythical Royal Spirit Wings until now.




You can fortify your wings to gain a great deal of bonus no matter what your wings quality is. There are 5 phases of wings fortifying: Common, Superior, Holy, Saintly and Godlike. Only when all of the 4 bars (Health Blade, Blades Edge, Fortify Attack, Defense Blade) get full, can you develop into the next phase of wings fortifying. Each completion of a phase rewards you a great increase of Deflect Atk Damage. The last two phases of wings fortifying are only available for epic wings or above. Materials for wings fortifying can be obtained by killing Mythican monsters.



Adorning your wings will reward you a great deal of exp and attribute bonus, but it is only available for supreme wings or above. And adorning costs you your guild materials, coins and energy.