Mythic Saga Guide Chapter Five: Zodiac Power


There are two traditional religions popular among Mythicans: Sol and Luna. Sol’s followers are disciplined and strict, while Luna’s followers are wild and ambitious. However, in both creeds, the Sun God is worshiped as the Maker of the world, and the stars were created by the Sun God too, so Mythicans regard stars as Suns. The followers of these two religions believe that their mental and physical power is influenced by the Suns which compose 12 patterns on the remote mysterious dark sky. These patterns are called Zodiacs.


1.      Zodiac System

  As we know, there are 12 Zodiacs each of which is made up of a certain amount of Suns. And you can activate each Sun on the path of each Zodiac to unleash cosmic power for your character and gain cosmic bonus. If an entire Zodiac path is got through, you will gain Zodiac Completion Bonus. However before this system is activated, you need to level up to lv 30 first.


2.      How to train your Zodiacs?

The training of Zodiacs should be done one Zodiac by one Zodiac and one Sun by one Sun. You must start it from the 1st Sun of Aries and carry on your training. You can do your training either by consuming energy or Star Orbs which can be obtained from Master Hermes of Mythic Alchemist. Star Ram Orbs which are required for training Aries can also be gained at Forgotten Tomb.

You can upgrade your Star Orbs at Upgrade Materials. Moreover, Star Orbs from Crab to Celestial can be found in Chaotic Packs and Star Orbs from Scales to Meridian (100% chance to activate any sun) can be found in Ultra Chaotic Packs.


Moreover, you can use Zodiac Crystals to increase your chance in unlocking your first eight Zodiacs.


When all of the twelve Zodiacs training is completed, your hero will be blessed by the King of the Gods with incredible bonus attributes.